Nominations Now Open

Clearwater Connect 2022 Client Awards

Introducing a new way to celebrate your clients and their partnership and accomplishments over the last year – Clearwater Connect Client Awards.


Power User Award

Recognizes individuals within a client organization that have demonstrated an expert-level knowledge of how to use Clearwater. These individuals adopt new feature functionalities as they are released and are using the system in efficient, innovative ways through custom dashboards and reports.

(up to 1 per market)

Trailblazer Award

Celebrates client teams who have taken a leap in their business to cloud and SaaS for investment operations. Winners should have defined a new path for their organization, demonstrating their ability to lead through example.

(up to 1 per market)

Operational Excellence Award

Recognizes client teams that have turned their operations into a fast-paced, high-quality engine, while running a lean, efficient team.


Growth Enabler Award

Celebrates the growth of AUM either organically or through acquisition. This award recognizes client teams that have demonstrated that rapid growth of AUM doesn’t slow or stop their progress. They are recognized for turning their invest-ops team into a growth enabler.


MVP Award

Recognizes individuals within a client organization that have demonstrated their passion for investment accounting while ensuring reporting, compliance, and risk are managed thoroughly and completely.


Partnered for Success

Celebrates a partner firm that helped bring successful solutions to market while enabiling our customers to scale and grow quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our Client Award Nominations.

  • What are the Clearwater Connect Client Awards?

    New this year, the Clearwater Connect Client Awards are a way to celebrate clients and their achievements through their partnerships with Clearwater. The categories highlight their growth, operational excellence, transformations, and more. There are awards for individuals, teams, and firms.

  • Who can nominate clients for the awards?

    Anyone can nominate clients for the award! Clients can nominate themselves and members of their teams (depending on the award), and we also encourage Clearwater team members to nominate clients.

  • What are the award categories?

    There are six categories to choose from. Details are listed on the award website, and you can find more details on the following page. Some categories will have multiple winners.

  • How do I nominate clients?

    It’s easy! Pick the category for which you’d like to nominate your client and complete an online form to tell the judging committee why your client should win.

  • Can I nominate more than one client?

    Yes! There are different categories to choose from, and you can submit as many clients as you’d like for one or more categories.

  • If I nominate a client, will they know they were nominated?

    Yes, we will let all clients know they have been nominated, but who submitted the nomination will remain anonymous. If your client(s) is self-nominated or is nominated by a team member, the servicing team will be notified, and the client will be notified.

  • What is the timeline to submit nominations?

    Nominations open June 1 and close August 10, 2022. Winners will be announced and honored at this year’s Clearwater Connect – September 14-15, 2022, in Boise, Idaho.

  • Who is on the judging committee?

    The committee consists of Scott Erickson, Susan Ganeshan, Gayatri Raman, and a third-party consultant to be named later.

  • What do the winners receive?

    Award recipients will be honored publicly at Clearwater Connect, receive a physical award, and be featured through different avenues with our public relations firms.