Upcoming Events Wednesday, May 31 1 p.m. EDT

From LIBOR to SOFR: What now?

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LIBOR is leaving the building, leaving SOFR in its place. Join us for a live webinar on May 31 to learn more. 

We’ll discuss the latest updates on the LIBOR cessation and legacy contract transitions, frequently asked questions, and the impact we are seeing across the industry. 

Then, we’ll take a dive into best practices and new solutions for managing these changes. 

You’ll hear: 

  • What to know about the LIBOR cessation and legacy contract transitions 
  • How to analyze and determine the impact on your portfolio 
  • Best practices and solutions for managing legacy contract and transitioning to SOFR 

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Speakers include:

Jacob Rank-Broadley

Head of LIBOR Transition, B&I at Refinitiv

Yana Sadouskaya

Product Manager, Clearwater Analytics

Rick Smith

Head of Insurance Solutions

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